Hi. I’m Kendy Stapleton. I was born in Honduras and I came to the United States at the age of thirteen. I love bringing joy into the lives of people. As a child, the things that would bring me joy were being out in nature. I’ve always found peace and joy in the great outdoors. I love hiking and camping. When I go for long periods of time without nature, I feel like a part of me is missing. So I do try to fit nature in as much as I can.

The other thing that I love is bringing joy into the lives of people. I’ve
always helped people by listening to them. As a child, people of all ages would come and talk to me about their problems and during their moments of despair, I would say something that would make a profound change in their world. Now as an adult, people still come and share with me about what is not going well for them.

Two years ago, my life completely changed. I came across this body process call Access Bars®. It was such a life changing discovery that I decided to contribute to people not just by being a pair of ears but also by running their Bars®. Simply put, Bars® consist of “defragging” the brain and dealing with things that are stuck in people’s lives.

My journey has just begun and I’m continually finding more tools that I can use to contribute to humanity and bring more joy into the lives of people.